• I am passionate about enriching all aspects of family life for the healing of individual members and healing for the family as a whole. This journey can begin with premarital counseling and progresses through pregnancy related concerns, including attachment and postpartum adjustment for the whole family.

    The journey includes the growth and development of adolescents and family adjustments and healing from abuse and trauma for adults and teens. I strive to provide a comfortable, confidential, and highly individualized environment where each individual can explore his/her own life goals, hopes and dreams for attaining maximum self-and family actualization.



My primary therapeutic orientation is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) embracing Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). A salient tenant of CBT is that what an individual thinks about oneself and ones world, and what one says to oneself, govern the way one feels and acts. Research tells us that self-defeating beliefs drive self-destructive behaviors.

I also interweave existential therapy into certain counseling sessions when requested and when appropriate. Existential therapy holds that each individual has the power to change their path, and thus the nature of their journey through life. We can be what we choose to be. A major aim of therapy is to start on a path designed to consciously shape our own destinies and to reject the notion of being a victim of circumstances. Every individual has the right to find meaning in all that we think and do. The goal is to integrate the body, mind, and spirit, thus becoming whole.

The therapeutic process is aimed at unveiling one’s identity and establishing meaningful relationships with others. Together, the therapist and the client, engage in a search for meaning, purpose, values and goals alleviating anxiety as a condition of living. Then the client can reflect and make authentic choices through self-awareness, be fully present in the moment, and fulfill one’s genuine desires.

I bring to my practice a rich history of life and professional experiences. I have an extensive helping background as a caring and compassionate therapist, a licensed registered nurse with experience in psychiatric nursing, and as an educator and researcher.