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Christian Counseling: Spiritual-Focused Healing

Navigating Anxiety Together

Do you want to delve deeper into your spirituality, but fear it? In the quest for spiritual and emotional well-being, it’s common to encounter periods of doubt and challenge. Healing Paths Counseling offers a safe space where your spiritual and personal growth journey intersect. Whether you’re wrestling with questions of faith, spirituality, spiritual abuse, including cult abuse, life transitions, or relationship dynamics, you’re not alone.

Embark on a counseling journey that respects your spirituality, addresses your concerns, and empowers you to live a life aligned with your spiritual values. Discover strength, resilience, and deeper connection in your walk with spirituality.

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Guided by Compassion and Understanding

With my rich background in psychotherapy and seminary education, I help bridge the gap between spiritual beliefs and mental health. My Christian Counseling respects and incorporates your spirituality as a cornerstone of therapy, providing support that honors your spiritual path.

Tailored Therapy That Respects Your Beliefs

I believe in a personalized approach, integrating techniques like EMDR and CBT with spiritual principles to navigate life’s challenges. My goal is to help you find peace, clarity, and renewed spirituality through compassionate counseling.

A Space for All

My Christian Counseling services are designed for individuals at any point in their spiritual journey in all forms, including those exploring spirituality for the first time. Maybe you’re going through profound suffering and you feel like God has abandoned you. Maybe you have suffered harm or abuse at the hands of someone in your church that has left your faith shaken. Or maybe you’re not a Christian, but have existential questions about your life and your purpose or what is the meaning of suffering. I’m here to support your exploration, doubts, and discoveries, fostering an environment of understanding and growth.

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